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Heartfelt Industries was founded in 2000 and is dedicated to provide the best Cigar Humidification Products available. Our product is known as Heartfelt Humidity Beads and comes in a variety of enclosure types and sizes so that you can find the product that best fits your cigar storage needs. We are constantly adding new enclosures for Heartfelt Humidity Beads and will be adding a new line in the very near future, I think you will be pleased with this addition.

All of our Heartfelt Humidification products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Heartfelt Industries also sells a broad spectrum of cigar smoking accessories. The items sold by Heartfelt Industries have all been tested for quality manufacturing as well as quality performance. No item is added that we feel does not meet up to our high standards.

Please take a look around at the products we offer and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. You can click the below link or click "contact" which is available at the top right of each page of our web site. Also if you know of a product that you feel would be a good addition to Heartfelt Industries or something special that you want please feel free to email us with that info or request. I will do all I can to fill your needs.


New Stinky Personal Size Stainless Steel Ashtray

The Personal Stinky has been designed just like the big-bowled Stinky ashtray but is smaller and features one cigar rest. Personal Stinky's Junior edition ashtray, beautifully designed yet functional.

NEW Powder Coated Stinky Ashtrays.

Just added to our product line is the NEW Stinky Powder coated Ashtrays. They come in eight colors, Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White and Yellow. Click the pictures below to check them out.



Great Cigar Accessory

These are two great accessories to have on the Golf Course. They are also handy for boaters and anywhere you just want to have a secure spot to put your cigar while you do something else. When you order enter "I am a Golfer" in the comment box and I will include a small gift from Heartfelt with your order.

Heater HolderGrip Clip



HYDRA LG Active Humidifier

Just released, the new HYDRA LG. This unit is designed for large humidors up to 16 cubic feet. Click on the picture above for more details.


220 Volt Euro Plug for HYDRA LG and HYDRA SM

We now have a 220 volt Euro Style wall transformer available for both the Hydra-LG and the Hydra-SM units. This makes the Hydra available to those folks living in countries using the Euro style 2 pin plug. Click here to take a look.


The NEW Heater Holder

This is a great Cigar Holder. It can be used anywhere you have a standard size snap. On a golf bag, snaps on your boat or you can put a snap anywhere you want it. I put one on my ice chest I take to the lake.


Grip Clip Cigar Holder


NEW Stinky Ashtrays

We now have four NEW Stinky Ashtrays in stock. They are all the same size as the original Stinky Ashtray, 8" in diameter by 4" tall. They vary from one stirrup in the "Antisocial" version to the Mini Herf 8 stirrup.


The "Herf Stand"

The Herf Stand is a great item to keep in your pocket. Have you ever wanted to put your cigar down but you really don't want to put it on a public ashtray, I mean who knows what has been on that ash tray. Use you Herf Stand to safely hold and elevate you cigar so the ash will drop in the ash tray but your cigar does not touch that tray. The Herf Stand includes the carrying pouch shown.


Curved Tip Syringe

After a great amount of testing with different bottles, syringes and spray bottles I have found the best item to use to re-hydrate all of the Heartfelt Beads products we sell.

This fine tip syringe makes it about as easy as it can get to add distilled water to any of the different containers we sell. It gives you great control of the amount of distilled water you add and makes it very simple to see what percentage of the beads are hydrated. It works great with the Humidification Tubes we sell, just put the tip in one of the perforation holes and squeeze in a little distilled water, move to another perforation and repeat until the Heartfelt Beads are hydrated.

It really could not be any simpler!



Two New Round Heartfelt Humidity Bead Holders

The New Round Heartfelt Humidity Bead Holders come in two sizes. The Small is 2 1/4" in diameter (just over 1 ounce of Heartfelt Beads) and the Large is 3" in diameter (just over 2 ounce of Heartfelt Beads).


Color Coded Tubes

All of the Heartfelt Humidity Tubes are now color coded. The cap color will tell you at a quick glance what Rh level the beads inside the tube are. Pretty simple idea but for folks who have two and sometime all three Rh levels in their various humidors it is now easy to tell which tubes are which.

Red Cap 60% Rh

Blue Cap 65% Rh

Black Cap 70% Rh

Free Shipping to Military Personnel!

As a Thank You to our men and women serving in the military, Heartfelt is happy to announce free standard shipping (USPS First Class or Priority Mail) to active full time Military personnel or active National Guard Personnel.

If the address that the order is shipped to is an APO address the system will deduct the shipping automatically. If you qualify for this offer and you do not have an APO address please email me and I will provide you with the coupon code for free shipping.

We would like to thank all the men and women who serve this great country of ours. Without you we would not have the freedom that we so cherish.




DUB Lighters

Dale Earnhardt Sr. Lighter

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Lighter

These lighters are authorized by Dale Earnhardt Incorporated and have authentic signatures and car number from both Senior and Junior.


Heartfelt Industries introduces a new item. We have added the original Palio Cigar Cutter.



Heartfelt has added many of the popular Xikar products to the lineup. Please take a moment to look at what we have to offer.