Welcome to Heartfelt Industries.

In 2000 Heartfelt Industries expanded its business by adding high quality cigar accessories. The addition of various products including Heartfelt Humidity Beads gives customers a source for the best in smoking accessories. Each product is carefully tested and only those that pass my high expectations are added to the line up. You will not find second and third rate products here.

Heartfelt creates custom cabinet size humidors for the care of fine cigars. I believe that cigars should be kept in an atmosphere that allows the cigar to show its full potential when smoked. I also believe that customer service is of the utmost importance and I will strive to serve you well.

Please take the time to look around and see what we have to offer.

As you can see we are adding items on a regular basis. Alot of these additions are as a result of requests made by our customers. If there is an item you have been looking for let me know and I will see if it can be added to the lineup, afterall if you are looking for it someone else may be as well.

Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy what you see.