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thank you for your fast response and delivery.there are alot of companys out there that can learn a thing or two from you just seems that customer service has gone out the window these made a customer for life.gus from laredo,tx
By: gustavo torres jr

In trying to find my husband a humidor and accessories and after lots of searching and more cigar information then I personally wanted, I ended up on this website. I read some of the customer comments and decided to email. Dave responded quickly and was patient enough to answer LOTS of questions, even giving me another website. I ordered everything but the cigars from him and can't wait to see my husbands face! It's hard to surprise him, but I think this year will be different.

Thank you Dave - from now loyal customer!


By: Diana Xavier

I recently purchased a extra fan for my hydra unit.  I also had several questions concerning power cord to my unit. The response was fast and very freindly I may have not have made a large purchase but all my questions were answered and i was also offered help with my power cord problem. There are not many companys with this caliber of customer service! Thank You........ 
By: daryl meliet

David, I got my beads right away and I just wanted to tell you that they are awesome!  They work way better than anything I've used so far.  I make my own cigarettes with an injector machine but I keep my tobacco in a spice jar type container that gets opened very often and 1 one oz. humidity tube works incredibly well.  You really made a great product, much better for my uses, even better than the Drymistat tubes I have been using.

Anyway, thanks for the great product and super fast shipping, I'll be buying other things from your site I'm sure.

By: George

I originally had the Cigar Oasis XL. It worked for 2 1/2 years before crapping out. The fan wouldn't shut off, thus empting the water tank in 3-4 days vs 2 weeks. So it tooks me a while to want to spend the money again. After a period of time, I noticed my cigars were cracking when using a punch cutter, I knew I needed to spend the money on an auto humidifier.

Right out of the box, I knew I'd like the Hydra SM. I really like that you can manually calibrate the humidifier (the Oasis didn't have that feature) and not just hope that is accurate. And the fact that you can add extra fans (another feature the Oasis didn't have) is really cool.

It's only been a week, but so far, so good. I still do use a seperate digital hygrometer to monitor the can never be too careful with an expensive hobby as cigars.

By: Henry Ketter

David was extremely professional, and the service was excellent.  I had a sick humidor in dire need of the beads, and David got right on it and sent my 1/2lb order pronto.  Now my humidor is comfortable and holding steady at 70F.  

Thanks David.  Will definitely buy again.


By: Frank c.

I have emailed Heartfelt  numerous time about humidor problems bead questions and with in 24 hours my questions were answered and problems were solved. I have tried those cheaper beads and nothing compares to Heartfelt Bead, you what they say you get what you pay for, the customer service  is 100% with me.


Thank You 

By: Joe Marciano

a short note to say how impressed I have been with your service and responce to my calls to you in Carson NV.. I have been using the adjustable hygrometers and the Boveda units which have been right on...the Blazer Zippo inserts have worked impeccably and work as advertised by Blazer.  Pete L.-Seattle 

By: Pete Lawrence

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