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I am a green-horn when it comes to cigars, humidity beads,  cutters, etc....which means I have a lot of questions.  I have been dealing with David via email for about a week now.  I can not begin to explain how helpful he has been.  Quick to respond, and did whatever he could in his power so I could purchase what I wanted.

Customer service is something that many company's are lacking now days.  Heartfelt Industries is not one of those...they has the service of a local shop.....even though they are on the other side of the U.S. it felt like where a skip and a hop away. 

With customer service like this they will always have my business. Thank you for everything....#1 in my book.

Jeff B 

By: Jeff Brown

A friend purchased a 70% element for my rather cheap humidor with a poor seal and it performs like an absolute champion. It maintains a solid 70% regardless of the temperature changes within the humidor which stays between 65-70 degrees. I am going to buy another for my new Daniel Marshall humidor. Absolutely perfect.
By: Ryan Friedrich

A friend recommended your products. I purchased one of the 2 oz. 65% tubes for my home humidor and am now placing a second order for the humidor I keep at my golf club. Im also getting a 1/2 oz. tube for my travel humidor. Gary W. Id recommend your beads to any of my friends. Bloomfield Hills MI P.S. Kudos for giving our Military a discount.
By: Gary Weinert

I ordered a 1/2 pound of the 70% humi-beads and some empty tubes and I must say that I am impressed as it keeps the humidor at exactly 70%.  It's also great that I don't have to mess with the 50/50 solutions and just use distilled water.  My order was shipped promptly and my question via email was addressed in a timely manner.  Heartfelt Industries has excellent customer service, and is accurate in their product descriptions.  They are a pleasure to deal with so if you want to keep your cigar collection stored in perfect humidity without the constant mess and changing your regular oasis then order the Humidity Beads as you will certainly be pleased with your purchase.

Thanks again Dave!

By: Nick Scafidi

As a return customer, I just want to say how pleased I am with my heartfelt humidification beads. I don't think there is anything on the market that comes close to the quality, accuracy, consistency and ease of use these beads provide.

By: David H.

Today I received the Xikar cigar-cutter in good shape. Thank you very much for your excellent and fast service!

Kind Regards,

Rene P.


By: Rene P.

I couldnt believe how fast my order came, within three days of ordering. Ive tried various types of humidifiers in my humidor, but the heartfelt humidifiers are by far the best. They took the headache out of maintaining the proper RH in my humidor. They do exactly what theyre guarantied to do. I can finally enjoy my humidor, but more importantly, my cigars. Im even thinking of purchasing another humidor. Especially now that I know that I can maintain it effortlessly with the heartfelt humidifiers. I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you. Sincerely, Bob G. Las Vegas NV.
By: Bob G.

The quality of service is fantastic! My questions were responded to very quickly and I received my order very fast as well. The humidity beads are great! They are an amazing  improvement over 50/50 and that stinky sponge. The rh is ALWAYS dead on at 65%. Thanks David!
By: Jeff N

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