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I am very pleased with the quality of service I received with my recent order. My order was handled quickly and professionally and the order was in my hands in three days.


By: Joe Kuhrt

Wow.  I ordered a pound of the 65% beads, a couple of hygrometers and a mesh bag, and they were in the mail the same day I placed my order.. ON A SATURDAY!  They were here on Tuesday (IL).  You guys are amazing and I will be recommending you to everyone I know!  Thanks David!
By: Eric Coalson

Got the humidity beads and the sheets 2 weeks ago, and they perform excellent! Thank You for great customer service and fast delivery - even to Sweden! Placed my second order just minutes ago.

Best regards, Philip

By: Philip Hedberg

I've been using a Trivoli Humidor with a Cigar Oasis Plus.  I noticed my CO running frequently and had to add water about once a week.  I know that since it's a cab. with glass, leaks were to be expected, but I wasn't prepared for it to be this bad.  At the recommendation of a friend, I purchased 1.5 lbs of 65% beads and divided them into 3-8oz for each shelf.  . After a few days, my humidity levels began to remain pretty constant.   I still use my CO to help the humidity recover quicker from opening the humidor.  But it doesn't run as often anymore and my cigars are tasting better than ever!  Thanks Heartfelt!  I'll be sure to tell my friends and recommend beads to new smokers!!!
By: Pete Noel

I just wanted to thank you for the beads. Man I gotta tell youI am so happy. I bought a couple pounds of 65 from you a while back. My hygrometer tested 6 off. Every morning I look at the humi and it's 59. EVERY DAY!!!!!
My smokes are better than ever. I have not had a side burner in 60 days. This was a real problem before beads.
I am considering a cooler or a wineodor or a cabinet of some kind. I know where I am getting my stuff

Thanks man
By: Matt

I got my beads, tubes, and hygrometer very quickly after I placed the order- great service!

Since I just ordered another humidor, it looks like I'll need to order some more stuff....

By: Bill Kraemer

Thanks for the quick processing and shipping of my initial order of the round digital hygrometer and the 65% Rh Heartfelt Aluminum Humidifier, both arrived in just 3 business days. After calibrating with the Boveda cali kit I am at a constant 65% and all is well in my 150 count humidor. I purchased the digital hygrometer and Heartfelt 65% Aluminum Humidifier to replace the "stock" ones that originally came with my humidor and the UPGRADES were money well spent. 

Very satisfied customer

By: BB - Allen, TX

got my order today and i just wanted to say how pleased i am with your service, product, and shipping. i am a repeat customer for a reason and will continue to be....once again thx!
By: Chef Rob

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