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I could never get the humidity over 60%, and it was usually closer to 55%, in my desk top humidor. I ordered a one ounce tube of 65% beads on a Monday and they were delivered on Wednesday. I put the tube in the humidor and it went to 65% within hours and has stayed right there. The only product I will ever trust again in my humidor.
By: S from illinois

After all of the good stories I have read about your beads, I decided to ditch the old sponge and bottle of 50/50 solution and give your product a try.  The beads arrived in only three days which was excellent and the instructions you provide on this site make them so easy to use it would be impossible to screw up.  Thank you for providing a great product that works as advertised, is priced well, and is accompanied by excellent customer service.  I will definitely be purchasing more in the future should I find myself upgrading to a bigger humidor.     
By: Ryan Ott

The customer service was great!!!! The best part is my order came lightning fast. I will be back!
By: R. Brown

I was getting a little of tired adding water to my humidifier every 3 days so I decided to give these humidity beads a try. I recently purchased a bag of the 70% beads and was surprised to find that this level of customer service still exists. That’s the only way to make loyal customers who come back for more year after year. Excellent service and a miracle product. Thank you David you’re the best.

By: Mike Haroutunian

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